Online shop – creation or cooperation

Sie haben die Wahl!

You offer your own product, e.g. in the arts and crafts?

And the following statement applies to you?

I have a cool product that I already sell classically in retail or at fairs or exhibitions.
But I have a lot more potential and would like to increase my sales significantly!

Your goal is to expand your business through a successful online business?

And you want the following statement applies to you?

I exploit my potential and distribute my cool product not only on the classic distribution channel, but also through my own online shop!

Cool products inspire us and we would like to support you in setting up your online shop!

We offer our support in two formats:


You are looking for a web developer who programs the online shop for you

You have made the decision to expand online and require a dedicated and cost-effective service to support you in implementing your project.
We advise you on the selection of the right shop system, program your shop, help you to set it up and also help with the online marketing. Finally, what will help a functioning store, if it is not found by customers and used?


You are looking for a partner by your side for programming and online sales

You just want to increase your sales, but otherwise have nothing to do with the whole online sales?
For products that simply inspire us, we also offer our direct participation. This means, we create an online shop for your product and promote it as well. In return, we are directly involved in the sales through this online shop, so a win-win situation for both of us!